The very first post here was The Bare Truth but I need to take a step back and tell you how I got to be naked on a beach making a film.

My parents told me, and I subsequently told my children, that you can be anyone you want and do anything you want in this world. I just wanted to know if this is true. So, I made a plan…
Decide that the current situation is unacceptable and plan to change it.

    • Choose a location (Foreign and hot with just enough of an element of peril to make it exciting)
    • Leave quickly
    • Make loose plans to be productive and successful but be open-minded about the details.
    • Know that this is a new path and that there’s no going back (A one way ticket and no money should do the trick)


I am a long way from my wife, my two teenage children and my extended family. I have started on an adventure that makes me feel like a child again. I still have to explain myself to some of my friends and former colleagues and to the venues and quizgoers who have been a part of my life for over twenty years. There will be things that I miss, but I’ve discovered that you can get Radio 4 worldwide so it’s all good.

I arrived at SUMUS BlaBlaBla Guest House after an awesome journey through the mountains of the island to be warmly greeted by a man who I now think of as my brother. We drank wine and ate the best chips in the world on the local beach and talked for hours about, well everything. We are planning to change the world beach by beach; we’re going to make your funeral a life-changing event for those that mourn you and we’re going to change the date time and currency of everything you do, but not necessarily in that order as Eric Morecambe once said.

Tomorrow is our second filming day (the first day needs to be re-shot due to restrictions on the land). So right now I’m hastily learning how to “blog in the moment” so that I can share some of the fun with you. Will you join us?

P.S. The picture; it’s my Office. It simply is not possible to do everything sitting in the sunshine.