A visit from a satellite internet engineer is, round here, a big deal. Gentle reader you cannot imagine just how slow it’s possible for the winding and narrow information alleyway to go. Life in the mountains is special. So special that the Canarian people who share the valley with me always say “Bno Dya” when passing on foot (It’s nearly Spanish but without any attempt to pronounce the vowels or the ‘s’) or blow their car horns as if to say “We’re nutters too….enjoy”. I’ve got used to a three-quarters-of-an-hour drive through mountainous terrain to do anything but chill out. I  love the idea that the internet is beamed here via satellite and we have a dish pointing to the stars, but when I’ve got a video to upload or a picture to email I just want Virgin Media to come here and rub it better. You get the idea; it’s tough here but in an idilic sort of way. Lots of films have been made on this theme and made the point completely clear, and somehow I can’t imagine the episode of “The Durrels” where the internet being slow is the central storyline, so I’ll leave it at that.

The point of this post, if it has a point, is that I cannot wait to launch quizalot.com/tv This is because, if you’ve been missing the quiz, then fret no more. It is my plan to put it online for your entertainment. Much work has gone in to the production, and we’re very excited. Trouble is, the file rests here on my laptop and has yet to make it to the stars… Actually, forget all that. I will drive to Mogán right now, visit the 4g mast and wait while the file uploads. back in a bi….