The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Wednesday 6th March 2019

Venue: The Spyglass and Kettle is a sprawling seafront pub/restaurant with seating arranged in discrete areas. The bar expands across much of the venue and it was nice to see the landlady welcoming customers and pouring pints alongside her friendly team. We booked, so our table was reserved with a notice indicating that the spot was ours. We attended on the quiz’s re-launch night and there were a few hiccups that we were mostly happy to ignore. The sound system used for the event was not suitable for such a large area and it was hard to catch everything. Considering the venue holistically we wonder if a better brand of soap would make the bathroom experience better, but the real ales were top-notch.

Quizmaster: Nathan presided over events in a jolly performance that included a running commentary on a football match playing on the TV screens. The organisation was a bit chaotic at times and we were concerned that no systems were in place to combat cheating. We didn’t need to worry. It would appear that the customers of the Spyglass and Kettle don’t cheat even when given every opportunity.

Format: The quiz comprised of a picture sheet of 20 connected items and 8 rounds of ten questions on an assortment of topics. We marked our own sheets for the first four rounds and handed our papers in for marking for the second half. We chatted amongst ourselves for a bit whilst Nathan diligently marked at his table. In the end The QUIZALOT Knights won with just two points more than the team in second place 41/55

Participation: On the night, we estimate that 56 people joined in

Nice Touches: The quiz included a question about The Battle of Waterloo which Nathan described as “Made famous by the band ABBA”. We smirked collectively.

Prizes: Top team won £50 and a free go at “Find The Ace” This game followed the quiz and involved buying a raffle ticket and if drawn out of the hat you got to pick an envelope which you hope will contain the Ace of Spades. I’m sure that as the envelopes are opened and the prize fund goes up this will become more compelling. We understand that a big win occurred recently. Shame we missed that.

Summary: This quiz needs to settle in a bit before it is fair to make a sweeping statement. We hope to return later in the year.