The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Thursday 21st February 2019

Venue: The Old Thatch quiz has been running for a long time, and The Quizalot Knights have been quiz goers at this venue for a number of years.  The venue has changed hands a few times over the years and was closed for a number of months in 2018.  Now under new ownership and with some new decor, the charm of the building is still intact, albeit with some modern twists.

Quizmaster: The self proclaimed Krazi Karl was on the mic for the evening.  He had much enthusiasm for the quiz night and also the many themed nights The Old Thatch put on. His skills as a showman are quite charming and with the banter flowing it’s a high-octane quiz ride from start to finish.

Format: Four rounds of quizzing, each of which had a different format: a picture round based on news of the week, a blockbuster style general knowledge round, a music round where you need to name the artist and titles and a final round called Dilemma which is ten general knowledge questions that get progressively harder. The twist, in this round, is that once you get a question wrong, you stop scoring points.  You do get the benefit of a joker that you can play on any one question and you get that question correct whatever.

Participation: On the night, there were eleven teams and a total of forty five quiz-goers.

Nice Touches: The venue put on a Quiz Night Meal Deal which two of the team participated in.  A decent portion of fish and chips along with a drink and their £1 quiz entry was all included for £10 per person.  Throughout the night they also do spot prizes for one off ‘Run For Fun’ questions and also on this particular night gave away two Sunday carvery meals one lucky person who shared their facebook post.

Prizes: All the cash (on this particular night that was £45) went to the winning team. Scores ranged from 21/56 to 45/56 and The Quizalot Knights were leading going into the final round, but we slipped up on our lack of knowledge on equinox’s.  We did pick up a bottle of wine for winning the music round though, and a 10% Discount Card for winning the Picture Round.  There were dessert vouchers for the runners up, and the last place team got some booby prize goodies aswell.

Summary: If you like a good meal and a solid quiz then you won’t be disappointed at The Old Thatch.  Make sure you follow the host Karl on social media as he often posts up a sneaky clue a few hours before the quiz begins.


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