The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Monday 25th March 2019

Venue: The Nightjar is a JD Wetherspoons pub in the heart of Ferndown.  Seating is reserved each week for the quiz, so just a case of finding an empty table.  Drinks and Food are ridiculously good value for money.  Free parking all around the venue in the evenings.

Quizmaster: The quiz is run by a member of the bar team.  Unfortunately they were ill when we tried to do this quiz a few weeks prior, so it was cancelled last minute.

Format: The quiz comprised six rounds in total.  Four lots of ten general knowledge questions, one dingbats round and a final round of ten questions in a wipeout format (answer as many as you like, but get one wrong and you score zero for that round)

Participation: On the night, we estimate that 40 people joined in, although speaking to some regulars, that is a lower turnout than usual.  Perhaps the England football match had put a few people off attending.

Nice Touches: The quiz was run very efficiently, with quiz sheets collected in after each round and your next one handed out.  Due to nothing other than the usual pub noise in the background, there were no excuses for not hearing the questions being read out.

Prizes: Top team won £50, with a £20 bar voucher for 2nd and a bottle of wine for 3rd.  If we’d have not thrown away 6pts on the last round when guessing at a Monopoly question, we’d have tied for top spot.  When will we ever learn ?

Summary: If you want a cheap night out on a Monday with a solid quiz for a couple of hours, then this is definitely one to consider.