The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Friday 29th March 2019

Venue: The Fisherman’s Haunt is a smart and foodie pub/restaurant with a large car park and well-planted grounds. The atmosphere was efficient and relaxed and we were lucky enough to get comfy seats near the centre of proceedings. The menu boasts lots of locally sourced food but those on a tight budget may smart at the pricing. There was a deal to add Prosecco to your quiz night. The quiz is presented through the quizmaster’s own sound system and the house PA providing good coverage at a comfortable volume level.

Quizmaster: Simon provides a very well produced and professionally delivered quiz. He made sure newcomers were welcomed and gave a shout out for this site, which we appreciated. His facebook page lists all his quizzes and contains this offer “Show us this page and if you buy a meal on the night, you get free entry into the quiz this week” To find it look for “Simon’s Quizzes” on Facebook.

Format: It’s a MUSIC QUIZ, and therefore we fancied our chances at this one. The quiz comprised of a picture sheet of famous pop artists from the past few decades. Lots of deep and stretching questions about pop music in several different formats, and an audio intros round where all the artists started with the same letter. You would need to have really good music knowledge over all of pop music’s long history.  It was clear that a lot of thought went in to this quiz and it was a real pleasure to participate. In the end The QUIZALOT Knights came second with just four points less than the team in first place.

Participation: On the night, we estimate that 60 people joined in, seated in several areas around the room.

Nice Touches: Simon uses a handicapping system to ensure that if you win one week you have to try even harder. He also uses a blind-joker mechanism on the first round which cost us 5 points. Both these techniques help to share the love prize wise and get a thumbs-up from us. Simon took the trouble to print the words “Spare Paper” on some spare paper. We like this sort of attention to detail.

Prizes: Top team won £50, and second place £10. Winners got a free go at a round of “Play Your Cards Right” – the prize here was £80

Summary: This quiz is for serious music enthusiasts and is well worth travelling to Winkton to enjoy.