The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Sunday 24th February 2019

Venue: Conto lounge is part of a group with locations around town in former Woolworth’s sites. The vibe is laid-back and cosy. Eclectic combinations of sofas, chairs ,stools and benches make nice spots to gather a team together with plenty of space and a feeling of relaxed efficiency by all the staff lets you settle right in to it.

Quizmaster: Christian was standing in for regular host Snowy and conducted the whole thing with charm. He didn’t attempt any banter or interaction but simply delivered 60 questions over the course of an hour. His delivery was clear and comfortably audible and only the most pedantic would even mention a mispronunciation.

Format: 60 questions in rounds of 10; comprised of general knowledge and then specialist subjects which included sport and numbers. No music round and, due to a printer problem, no pictures this week. With the printer repaired you could look forward to six picture questions.

Participation: From a sample of two nights we estimate participant levels of around 60 people.

Nice Touches: We appreciated the host’s offer to repeat any missed or confusing questions in person at the table side. Good team names are rewarded but many could not be read out for fear of offence.

Prizes: All the cash (In our sample that was £60) went to the winning team. Scores ranged from 17/60 to 45/60 and The Quizalot Knights came fourth missing out on the tie-break for Conto Lounge vouchers (Second prize). “Last Place” and “Best Team Name” prize was a combined win for a team of two young ladies who walked off with some jelly beans. This quiz relies on the integrity of participants not to conduct a bit of “Research” in-between rounds, and not all the Knights felt satisfied on this point.

Summary: If you like your quizzes stripped-back to basics with the promise of a decent cash prize then you will be happy here.


Venue Details & Future Events:

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