The Quizalot Knights visited this location on Sunday 24th March 2019

Venue: The Brasshouse is situated on Westover Road in the centre of Bournemouth, just a stones throw from the Pavilion.  A huge venue, with a large bar and a lot of seating areas.  Focused on live sports.  The quiz took place towards the back of the venue, with TV and projector screens dotted around.  Drinks and food deals available seven days a week.  We reserved a table, which seemed to help the venue sit all the quiz goers in the same area.

Quizmaster: The Quiz was hosted by Quizalot’s very own David Morton.  An experienced pair of hands when it comes to quiz nights.  He has the ability to bridge the generations with his presenting style, which ensures no one feels they are missing out.

Format: The quiz featured four rounds.  A picture round, sport round, music round and Multiple Choice Final round.  Each of the rounds were presented via the screens in the bar, so you had pictures, video clips, logos to add to the questions being read out by the host.  For the music round, you got the actual music videos.  Some classics from years gone by in there, along with some bang up to date ones too.   In between each round were additional questions where you had to run up to give the answer to win spot prizes.

Participation: On the night, we estimate there were over 30 quizzers.

Nice Touches: The venue gave a complimentary bottle of Prosecco for launch night and the regular chocolate prizes were well received by all.

Prizes: The winning team won £25 and then had the chance to double that if the person they sent up could get the Mission Impossible final question.  They couldn’t do it this week, so the jackpot looks as if it will start to increase.

Summary: This was the launch night for this quiz.  The format really works in The Brasshouse, and we’re sure it will grow over the coming weeks to become a really popular quiz on a Sunday night.