Download the three files below for the quiz sheets, question sheet and music round file.  If you’ve got someone to play the quizmaster, then they can download the final two answer files aswell.


Round 1 – Christmas Pictures (1 point for each question)

Round 2 – Gold Sleigh Run (Kinda like Blockbusters) (1 point for each question plus up to 4 bonus points if you can get from top to bottom with correct answers)

Round 3 – Christmas Music (Artists and Titles) (1/2 point for each)

Round 4 – Christmas Dilemma (Ten Questions that get tougher as you go.  Get one wrong and you stop scoring.  Your score is the points to the right of the last question you get right in a row.  Unsure of an answer ?  Every team gets one ‘JOKER’ to play where you will get that question right just by writing ‘JOKER’).  A maximum of 20 points is available if you get all ten correct without using your joker


On the questions sheet you’ll also find some ‘run for fun’ questions and tie-breaker questions, so use your imagination and incorporate as much of it as you want into your quiz.  There must be some chocolates hiding in the house somewhere as prizes !!!!

Quiz Sheets

Quiz Questions

Music Round

Download the two files below for the quiz answers and music round reveals, but if you haven’t got a non-playing quizmaster, just keep them safe and mark the whole quiz at the end.

Quiz Answers

Music Answers