It’s just two years to go before I celebrate 25 years of quizmastery.  Back in June of 1996 I would not have believed that I could survive in such an industry, and indeed I barely have.  I so enjoyed that time when everyone arrived for the quiz; eager and optimistic, and as the evening drew on and those dreams and aspirations were crushed I felt your pain, and still wonder why you would suffer so for my amusement.  You must know that each and every one of my loyal and enthusiastic followers is valued and cherished.  The loyalty and commitment of the venues that have taken my events is greatly appreciated too.  Being paid to have so much fun has been life-affirming.
As you know, I have now moved on and left the UK quizzes in the capable hands of new quizmasters. I hope they get as much from their time with you as I have.

I can see only one chapter remaining in the story of my life and I would like it to be the best chapter; the time when, finally, I make a difference to the World and justify my existence on Earth.  I have a new mission: to raise half a million pounds for those whose aims are more worthy than mine, and to give away half a million pounds in prizes to those who find me entertaining.  This is the sort of millionaire I would like to be.  

I’m not on holiday in Gran Canaria, I’m taking my first steps here towards an international career as a *philanthropist. I know; get me.  More information on the organisation that I am involved in will appear here just as soon as I have found the words for them to describe their mission.  It’s on my to-do list.  I live by the sea, at the mouth of a valley, accessible only by a mountainous route which takes me through breathtaking and sphincter tightening countryside.  I am 1700 miles away from my wife and children, working on my legacy, trying to make a living on the side so that I can pay the mortgage.  I use the word “we” throughout the rest of this site as I am not alone. If I may, I would like to share our journey with you.  

This documentation is also a work in progress and will appear here in due course.  Right now I have no plans to return to the UK; may I suggest that you visit me here instead? This is my home You could live here for free, take a room, or rent an apartment.  All guests enjoy inclusive entertainment and complete freedom from any kind of connectivity.  I run regular excursions to the nearest 4g mast, in Mogán.  My private accommodation comprises a cool, silent room in the west wing of the building, a bathroom I share with two cockroaches, and an office overlooking the sea on the first floor.  I live with a small ad-hoc family of international travellers, musicians, and designers….whose roles right now are chef, housekeepers, gardeners and a repair man.  Find me and re-connect with me by searching for “quizalot” or simply add /quizalot to the url for FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube  and Instagram . These places and some direct methods of communication are listed in the footer of all the pages of this site.  The Spanish version of the site is nearly ready so you can join me here too.

I hope you now understand the basis of the why and where of my life.  It remains only for me to thank you for everything and to say “So long my friends”.




          • a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.